Friday, 27 December 2013

Who developed Insta-Mold Custom Hearing Protection?

Insta-Mold was established in 1970, by Sydney M. Gurschkov, Ph.D.  Combining a chemistry background with his experience as a certified hearing aid dispenser, he developed The Insta-Mold process for instant custom ear moulds and earplugs. 

In 1971, Audiologist, Garry G. Gordon, M.S. launched his American company E.A.R. Inc. which at that time supported Americas major corporations in complying with state and federal noise regulations.  It wasn’t long before they met and combined their professional talents to research and manufacture the use of these silicones in the hearing protection industry. Insta-Mold gained international recognition and worldwide marketing began.

Growing European demand for Insta-Mold has resulted in Garry Gordon’s daughter, Hollyn Gordon, along with partner Patrick Keller, establishing 2pluxx GmbH to assist with streamlining the products to European consumers. 2pluxx GmbH hold the exclusive European distributorship (Supplier) and are based in Zurich, Switzerland. Soundguard Acoustics is the distributer for the UK and Ireland markets.

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