Friday, 3 January 2014

Insta-Mold Hearing Protection Guarantee

Insta-Mold is a fully certified CE marked product for the use of Hearing Protection in Europe and conforms to BS EN 352-2:2002 (Hearing protectors, Safety requirement and testing. Ear-plugs). The Insta-Mold solid full shell will provide an SNR value of 29dB. The Insta-Mold filtered full shell will provide an SNR value of 21dB and the Insta-Mold filtered CIC will provide an SNR value of 20dB. Full details and the frequency characteristics of each model are available on request.

Insta-Mold can be supplied with a safety leash (with optional breakaway for industrial applications) and metal tracer balls and tracer leash for the food and drinks industry. They can be supplied filtered or un-filtered. Everything you need for your type of sport, interest or industrial safety requirement.

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